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"Where the Emagination is the only limitation to the Creative Emitation"

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       Rodents and Feeder insects Group          

      Supplier of Quality NOVI GRUBS  ( Online Store )

Dear Clients we recently came across some stores that are selling products developed and manufactured by us including some copied exo-terra products, although there are no copyright or patents on our products they are made without our consent and with the poorest of quality,  and reflects back to us...Please take note that Supplies4reptiles are NOT the manufacturer of these items to the shops..reptile city montana , pet city atterbury , reptile resort onderste poort , daro ,we will add all other shops as they are being uncovered. We kindly ask that you do not support them, they are selling cheap bad quality copied products to you at high prices. We did ask the shop owners regarding this but it seems that buying cheap knockoff products and selling high is the order of the day and no matter to quality.