Strawberry & Veggie garden tower 56 planter

Growing Vegetable and Herb Towers.

The Vegetable, Strawberry and Herb Tower is a innovative vertical self-contained garden & vermicomposting system in one that redefines home gardening in urban gardening.

The Garden Tower allows for the growth of 56 plants vertically in a minimal space, no electricity needed, nutrient loss and water loss are @ a minimal associated with conventional gardening.

• The Vertical Vegetable Tower is a
vermicomposter that grows 56 plants in 1 square meter nearly anywhere in your garden.
• Water-wise friendly, (use very little water)
• Very Little to no Labour.
• Use red wigglers to turn kitchen scraps to fertilizer. Organic waste to organic food!
• Easily grow nearly any vegetables, herbs, or flowers.
• An organic, vertical soil-based alternative to expensive and difficult hydroponic systems.
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